Generate An Endless Stream Of Incoming Sales Leads On Auto-Pilot!

The Email Marketing Robot is the result of six years development by internet marketing veteran James Winsoar, who first had the idea for the software when he attended a business networking event.

sending-emailsSimply give the Robot a list of business categories that you want to target, and a list of the geographic areas, and write your email.

Hit the “Start” button, and the Robot goes to work finding prospective clients to contact, and sends your one-time marketing message to them – automatically.

It’s like having an extra member of staff working for you contacting prospective clients, letting them know how you can help, and asking them if they would like further information.

So while the Robot is working, you can be doing something else, knowing that your email inbox is filling up with responses.

Proven uses for this B2B lead generation robot:

The Email Marketing Robot is useful in a wide variety of business-to-business marketing scenarios including:

  • Inviting local business owners to business networking meetings and events.
  • Letting business owners know about changes in legislation.
  • Contacting prospective suppliers and asking them for quotations.
  • Running a B2B lead generation business, and selling leads for profit.
  • Contacting targeted businesses to generate demand for your products and services.
  • Building a targeted email list for LinkedIn invitations to build your network.
  • Offering local businesses discounts on your products and services.
  • Plus, much more besides!

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The best way to understand how it works is to watch it in action.

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