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Dear Fellow B2B Marketer,

We have all wasted money on buying business email data, much of which is out of date, results in a lot of spam complaints, and is generally unresponsive.

Are you sick of trying to find sources of high quality business data to contact? Are you tired of getting no response? Are you afraid of being blacklisted if you keep sending your offers out to businesses who complain that you are spamming them?

I know exactly how you are feeling, because I’ve been in the exact same situation as you.

I’ve bought business email data in the past, and found that there were always a lot of “gone away” email addresses, and everyone else complained heavily about being spammed. I’ve also tried other email marketing software and found that it sent too many emails too fast – and I got cut off from my broadband service!

I thought, “There must be a better way!”. That’s when I had the idea for the Email Marketing Robot.


Can “B2B marketing automation” help your business?

This latest “growth hacking innovation” involves sending one-time outreach emails to potential clients, asking them if they would be interested in receiving more information about your product or service.

Email List Generator RobotThe good news is that there is no need to hire a member of staff to do the job for you. This software can do it all – saving you tens of thousands a year in staffing costs, not to mention the software being more reliable and accurate than a typical human being!

This cold emailing method works really well for lead generation in all types of business-to-business (B2B) marketing companies, and now it can be automated!

I developed the Email Marketing Robot to mimic the behaviour of an extra member of staff, who can search publicly available sources for the contact details of businesses matching the business categories and locations that you specify.

Not only will the Robot research contact details, from fresh up-to-date sources to generate an email list, it will also send your marketing message by email, and text message if you wish, on-the-fly!

“Generates leads for less than the cost of a small cappuccino each day!”

Email Marketing Robot PDF Brochure

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Think of your Email Marketing Robot as your virtual PA who researches businesses, finds their contact details, and sends personalised marketing messages to them on auto-pilot.

He is like having an extra member of staff for you, but never needs time off, never has any sick days, generate leads automatically between the hours you specify (I set mine to start before I wake up in the morning!), and he costs less than the price of a cappuccino each day!

The software is designed to generate leads for B2B companies, inviting business owners to events, reaching out to potential distributors for products and services, sending out special offers to local businesses, finding suppliers, and sending out announcements to businesses.

The software can be used by any business from a sole entrepreneur, right through to large government organisations.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out what this loyal client has to say about the software:

mel fisher

Managing Director at Business for Breakfast UK

“We worked with James and certainly found his techniques in marketing a necessary addition to our activities. What impressed me is the level of customer service he provides. James understands your business and does able to provide the relevant support promptly when required.”

Click here to read more testimonials.

The Email Marketing Robot is the most advanced software of its kind.

Targets and contacts businesses all in one!

BNI CategoriesThe Email Marketing Robot is a complete software suite for finding contact details for businesses matching your search criteria with pinpoint accuracy, and sending personalised emails.

The software utilises free, publicly-available sources to find fresh contact details on a real-time basis. So no more out-of-date email lists! That means less bounced emails, and a higher response rate.

The Email Marketing Robot is the result five years development and optimisation.

It only emails each business once.

The Email Marketing Robot keeps a record of each domain name it has sent to, and checks against this list before sending.

The software also has built in intelligence to help it select email addresses for real companies only, and avoids contacting consumer emails, helping to keep your IP address safe.

Anyone who replies back with interest to the initial email can then be added to your existing autoresponder service such as aWeber, Constant Contact, or Mail Chimp for a follow up sequence of emails.

Targets Intelligently

domain filterThe software also has built-in custom domain blacklists, and domain filters in place to help you avoid contacting certain types of websites such as forums, classified sites, government/military sites, and blog networks.

The blacklists and filters are completely customisable so that you can avoid any domain you choose.

Avoids contacting your existing clients!

You can also import a list of email addresses not to email, such as a list of client email addresses to help prevent them seeing an offer that is only intended for new customers, for example.

This is really easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes.

New Click Tracking & Reporting Feature!

Now tracks who clicks your emails automatically, so you know who is interested, and can send follow up emails or make follow up phone calls without recipients needing to fill out contact forms on your website or even reply to your email!

Works with every SMTP server.

gmailYou can send up to 500 emails a day using the free Gmail SMTP service provided by Google. (Click here for the settings).

You can also use your existing internet service providers email server settings, simply by copying and pasting the details from your existing email client software.

Alternatively, you can use a commercial email provider.

For most users, either the free Gmail option, or the existing broadband provider is the easiest option. The speed limiter, and a carefully crafted email message will ensure that you don’t get into any trouble for sending out too many emails.

Read our guide to effective B2B Email Marketing.

Use it to promote SEO services!

If you offer search engine optimization services, you can use the “skip 10 results” option in the settings to skip the first page of Google, and email the companies who are on the 2nd page.

Target competitive local keywords and win clients for your SEO services. Help the companies on the 2nd page to get onto the 1st page of Google!

Check out these other ideas on how to use.

Make money offering the Robot as a service

boxshotSeveral enterprising individuals have purchased several copies of the software and are running banks of robots sending out emails for various clients.

You can find lots of local businesses who need to generate B2B leads, but want to outsource the setup and running of it to someone else.

You can charge them on a daily, weekly, monthly, per email, or per lead basis.

Click here for more details.

Easy to Install and Operate!

The software is as easy to use as a standard email program. Just set it up once, and you can have your first B2B lead generation campaign up and running within seconds.

With the right offer you can easily generate 10+ leads a day for your business, that are all highly targeted and already warmed up.

Wave goodbye to cold calling, and never buy out-of-date email lists ever again!!

Say “Hello” to the Email Marketing Robot!

 Remember, if you keep buying business to business email data you’re going to keep being disappointed with bounced emails and poor conversions. They aren’t going to get any better.

Download the Email Marketing Robot B2B lead generation software now, and start growth hacking your business with fresh, responsive business leads within minutes!

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Yours sincerely,

James Winsoar
The Email Marketing Robot

P.S. If you would like to have an additional member of your team who will research businesses you can sell to, finding their contact details, and sending out personalised email messages to them, how many more leads could that generate, and how much additional business could you secure?

P.P.S. If you don’t want to employ someone and pay their wages for a year, because some PC based software could do the task efficiently, download the Email Marketing Robot. Consult out FAQ for information on set-up and operation, and be sure to watch the videos!

P.P.P.S. We like to provide added value for all our clients, so please see the templates section, our master list of business types, and lists of towns and cities in various countries. You can plug these into the Email Marketing Robot and send your message out to hundreds or thousands of business owners in one click!

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