Affordable Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Robot represents the most affordable email marketing solution on the market today.

Other email marketing solutions require the purchase of email lists or building a list of subscribers manually both of which can be equally expensive.

The cost of buying a list of targeted email addresses can run into the thousands and there is often no guarantee that the email addresses are accurate.

Deliverability rates

When sending out emails to a list that has been purchased the deliverability rates can be as low as 30% meaning that 70% of the emails in the list are outdated, have been removed by the user due to high spam rates, or are simply inaccurate due to the way that the list was collated.

Cost comparison

Generating a list from scratch is often touted as the better option but driving visitors to your online sign up form can be expensive through the traditional methods of pay per click advertising. Even with a high traffic website the sign up rate is low and you would be missing out on the vast majority of potential clients who aren’t aware of your company.

The Email Marketing Robot offers a cost effective method of reaching potential clients who haven’t necessarily even considered the need for your products and services.

How it works

It works by entering a list of business types that you wish to target and their geographical areas instead of supplying the software with a list of email addresses.

The Robot then gets to work searching for businesses that match your criteria and looking through their websites for a contact email address. When an email is found it contacts that company on your behalf using a personalised email that works in a very similar way to the traditional direct mail merge template.

Download it today

If you are looking for an affordable email marketing solution and you wish to precisely target businesses on a local, national, or international level with pin-point accuracy, download the Email Marketing Robot and put an end to expensive bought-in email lists or email list generation methods for good!

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