BNI Business Categories


Award for bringing the most visitors in BNIUse our proven breakfast networking invitation wording, a list of unique professions most likely to wish to join a business networking organisation, together with the Email Marketing Robot software to invite hundreds of local business owners to your BNI chapter.

The same list can be used for other professional networking groups just as easily.

You can use this technique as a member, or a Director of BNI to invite more members, to grow your own chapter, or your region.

Already the software and our list of BNI business categories is used by hundreds of BNI members and Directors to grow chapters, relaunch chapters, and launch new chapters.

Visitors are the lifeblood of any business networking group, and our software enables members and Directors to create a continuous flow of visitors to meetings, which helps add buzz to the room, and puts money in members pockets through the extra business visitors help to generate.

As a company we are extremely proud that we are able to assist leading business networking organizations in spreading the business networking message to a wider audience, and as a result to positively impact the economy for millions of people worldwide.

Access our full list of BNI business categories here.

Email Marketing Robot is in no way affiliated with BNI, and BNI is a registered trademark of Business Network International.

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