End Employee Absenteeism


Email Marketing Robot Software

Employee absenteeism can be a thing of the past, especially in your marketing department, with the advent of the new Email Marketing Robot from Android Marketing Ltd.

The Email Marketing Robot is different to other marketing automation software on the market, because it combines a highly accurate email harvester that finds the contact details of businesses filtered by both business classification and geographic location, with a fully-featured email sending client. This results in a fully automated system that both finds and contacts businesses 24/7.

Works when you say so – never needs time off!

Of course you can set the robot to only send messages between 8am and 6pm, or any times you choose, using the in-built scheduler.

The robot will never need a day off work, it will never need to take breaks, and it never gets sick. In fact, it’s been tested hundreds of thousands of times over the past two years, on all PC based operating systems. The result has always been a stream of warmed-up contacts getting in touch requesting more information on the subject they have been emailed about.

The Email Marketing Robot is ideal for:

  • Inviting local business owners to networking events
  • Cross promoting other local businesses who may share the same clients
  • Contacting show rooms regarding stocking new products
  • Inviting trades people to exhibitions
  • Inviting photographers to photo studios
  • Contacting local businesses about accountancy services
  • Contacting local businesses about local marketing services

The list of potential uses for the Email Marketing Robot is endless.

Please tell us about any new uses that you have found for the robot!

Put the robot to the test for yourself!

Try the Email Marketing Robot out for yourself. If you aren’t 100% delighted with the results we will refund your money as part of our 30 day money back guarantee.