10 Subject Lines To Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Here is our list of the top subject line styles for getting your emails opened:

  1. Simple
    Notification type emails such as “Your order is being processed” work very well when the user is expecting the email. Keeping it simple also works with other types of emails too, such as “Referrals”, or “Enquiry from website”.
  2. Funny
    Stand out from the crowd with a funny subject line, such as “FW: Caffeine!!” for an invitation to an early morning breakfast meeting.
  3. Controversial subject lines
    A subject line such as “Your website sucks! Why you need to think mobile” could get your email noticed in the inbox in an otherwise crowded market.
  4. Single word
    “Referrals” is a great one for invitations to networking events, or you could use the one word that describes how people will feel after using your product or service, this arouses curiosity.
  5. Numbers and lists
    “10 negative calorie foods”, would be good for a weight loss email. Or how about “3 ways to generate leads for free”. Again, these types of subject lines arouse curiosity and get the recipient to open the email to find out more.
  6. Personalised
    Adding the company type for example “#companytype# Referrals”, is very powerful. The Email Marketing Robot replaces #companytype# with the recipients type of company, for example “Probate Solicitor Referrals”, this makes the email look very targeted and leads to high open rates.
  7. Questions and other punctuation
    To stand out in a crowded email inbox, the use of unusual characters such as !, ?, %, and ♥ all work well. How can you turn your subject line into a question?
  8. Scarcity
    “48 hours only”, “last chance”, “Hurry”, all prompt the recipient to take immediate action and can lead to a higher open rate.
  9. Mystery
    People love a bit of mystery in their lives. Subject lines such as “It’s all over on 21st June”, will again cause the recipient to become curious and open the email to find out more.
  10. Short
    Studies show that subject lines under 50 characters are more effective.

In the Email Marketing Robot software you can test various subject lines by using the { | } characters. Start with { then use | to seperate your subject lines and close with }. The robot will pick subject lines at random. For example:

{Hurry – this offer closes in 24 hours!!|Referrals|See you on 21st June?}

By looking at the replies you receive back, you can then work out which subject line leads to the highest response rate.

Let us know how you get on. What’s the most effective subject line you have found?