Software Update

Email Marketing Robot Software

The latest update of the Email Marketing Robot includes the following enhancements:

  • Multi-Threaded Email Scraping
    The robot will now search four websites simultaneously for contact details, speeding up the email address search functionality, and enabling the software to reach the full email sending speed of 90 emails per hour, if desired. Tests have shown that the software now has a 4x better efficiency compared to the non-multi-threaded version.
  • Improved Detection of Directories & Forums
    The software now filters out more directories and forums, improving the efficiency of the software, allowing the robot to concentrate on finding contact details for actual businesses matching your search criteria, and not wasting time crawling directories and forums.
  • Demo Mode
    The software will now send ten emails in unregistered mode, before prompting the user to register the software. A range of registration options are now available, making the software affordable to all businesses.

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