Version Release Notes

Version 2.15 is the latest stable release of the Email Marketing Robot.

This version of our B2B email marketing automation software contains several improvements based on feedback from our valued human operators:

  • Ability to edit campaigns.
    You can now add and remove business categories and locations at any time. Previously the only way to add business types and locations was to create a new campaign. Now you can add or remove at any time, as and when needed.
  • Collect emails only mode.
    The software can now be used to harvest emails only, making it the most accurate email harvesting software available. This would allow you to use the emails for other purposes, for example building an audience list for display advertising platforms, or adding targeted connections on social networks. Use this mode if you don’t wish to send your marketing message by email in the first instance.
  • Clickable URL links
    If you see an interesting looking website appear in the search results, rather than having to type out the website address in your web browser, you can now simply click the link and the website opens in your web browser automatically. You can then take the necessary action, for example if you wish to add local web directories into your domain blacklist you can right click that line, then click “Add to domain blacklist”.
  • More countries support
    As our customer base continues to expand internationally, we have added more countries to the drop down list. Selecting the country that you are targeting helps to increase the accuracy of the websites that the Robot finds. Please let us know if you would like us to add more countries to this list.

We would welcome your ideas to improve the software further, and any bug reports via our comments form.

The latest version can be downloaded here.

All registered operators will receive update notifications by email.