Version Release Notes

We are pleased to announce our next major update of the Email Marketing Robot software.

Bing is now an additional source for website data

The new version now has the additional option of using Bing for search results. This option is selectable via the “Region” dropdown list on the main screen of the software. Use this option if you are not getting any search results from the other country options that use Google as the source for data.

If using Bing please note a maximum of 50 results can be found per search, compared to the maximum of 100 results with Google. We only recommend using Bing if you are experiencing issues with the other options.

To avoid any problems we recommend that you install all Windows Updates including any updates to Internet Explorer. The software does work with Windows 10 if you wish to update your Windows to the latest version.

Software can address people by name

The software has always had a #greeting# tag that automatically inserts a time based greeting – either “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, or “Good evening”, but we have now expanded this option through our new #greeting name# tag.

The Robot will automatically recognise email addresses that are people’s names, and put Dear Bob, Dear Sue, Dear Jonathan, etc.

If no name is recognised in the email address, the software will automatically revert back to the time of day based greeting.

To use this new feature, just change your #greeting# tag to #greeting name#.

How to update your software

All registered customers automatically receive instructions on how to get the latest updates.

If you haven’t already done so, please download the free trial version here.