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Award for bringing the most visitors in BNIUse our proven breakfast networking invitation wording, a list of unique professions most likely to wish to join a business networking organisation, together with the Email Marketing Robot software to invite hundreds of local business owners to your BNI chapter.

The same list can be used for other professional networking groups just as easily.

You can use this technique as a member, or a Director of BNI to invite more members, to grow your own chapter, or your region.

Already the software and our list of BNI business categories is used by hundreds of BNI members and Directors to grow chapters, relaunch chapters, and launch new chapters.

Visitors are the lifeblood of any business networking group, and our software enables members and Directors to create a continuous flow of visitors to meetings, which helps add buzz to the room, and puts money in members pockets through the extra business visitors help to generate.

As a company we are extremely proud that we are able to assist leading business networking organizations in spreading the business networking message to a wider audience, and as a result to positively impact the economy for millions of people worldwide.

Access our full list of BNI business categories here.

Email Marketing Robot is in no way affiliated with BNI, and BNI is a registered trademark of Business Network International.

B2B Email Marketing Examples

Did you know that we have an extensive Resource Library that includes several proven B2B email marketing examples for different industries?

You can pick the one that would work best with your product or service and easily adapt it, then use our software to automatically find business contact email addresses and send them your initial email on auto-pilot.

You can then follow up with those who reply back with interest to your initial email.

Click here for the B2B email marketing examples

How To Split-Test Your Email Marketing Messages

The Email Marketing Robot supports “spintax” so that you can test any part of your email message, and then monitor the responses to work out the combinations that result in the highest response rate.

Through testing, you can then remove the worst performing combinations, and add new ones to further attempt to increase the amount of leads generated for sending the same number of cold B2B emails.

If you’ve ever tested ads in Google Adwords, this is the exact same process but using targeted marketing emails.

There are several ways to use split testing with our software:

Subject Line Testing

The first objective of your email should be to get the email body text read, and other than your sender name (which should probably just be your name, or your company name, or both), the subject line and the first few words of your email message are the things that will get your email message read, and not deleted.

Let’s say you think of three possible subject lines:

  • 12 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Native App By 2016
  • Does your business need a mobile app?
  • FW: Mobile Apps

We recommend brainstorming 100 different subject lines for your business, then pick the three that you think will work best. You could ask your customers, staff, friends, and family to vote for the ones they like the best, then test them using the software.

When you enter them into the Subject Line field in the software enter them like this:

{12 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Native App By 2016|Does your business need a mobile app?|FW: Mobile Apps}

Then, you set the targeting of business types and geographic locations, and you send your email to 1000 businesses. Lets say you get the following results:

Subject 1 – 4 responses
Subject 2 – 2 responses
Subject 3 – 6 responses

In this case (which is hypothetical only), we would recommend keeping subject lines 1 and 3, and replacing subject line 2 with another one that may perform better.

Ask yourself, what was it about subject line 3 that caused the higher response? Can you learn anything from this experiment that could help you to craft an even better subject line?

When you finally find a subject line that outperforms any other, let’s say subject line 1 is the overall winner, you can then do multivariate testing to test many different combinations, like this:

Original subject line: 12 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Native App By 2016

Multivariate test: {Twelve|12} {Conclusions Why|Reasons Your} {Company|Business} {Must|Should|Needs To} {Offer|Have} A {Mobile|Native} App By 2016

The software will pick at random the word “Twelve” or “12”, then “Conclusions Why” or “Reasons Your”, and so on. In total this test will produce 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 = 96 combinations.

Let’s say you then send this to 5000 businesses, by looking at the replies that you receive and counting the totals for each subject line combination, you can then see if you can find an alternative subject line that performs even better.

Email Body Testing

Testing completely different email body text

You can easily test two or more email body texts by first of all writing out the emails in notepad, and testing two or more different strategies. For example, you could test the strategy of asking who would be the best person to talk to, or you could try asking if they would like to receive a free white paper or training document from you.

In the email body field in the software, enter the emails like this:

{email one text|email two text|email three text|and so on}

Note that there are no line breaks after the | sign, but you can include line breaks and new paragraphs in the body text. Just ensure that you start with { break up each combination with the | symbol, and finish with a }.

Use the “test mode” in the software to test the email to ensure that you have got the syntax correct before sending out for real.

Testing phrases or words within email body text

You can also test on a paragraph by paragraph basis to produce several combinations, for example you could re-write a paragraph to say something in a different way to test the response:

{Paragraph one text goes here.|Re-written paragraph goes here.}

The other option is to test words within a sentence, this will produce many variations:

{Hi|Hello} this is a test message to {demonstrate|show} how you can {AB|split} test words {inside|within} a sentence.

Testing Call to Action (CTA)

Once your email is opened, and the paragraphs are read, the final thing you can test is your call to action (CTA).

You may have a few ideas about your CTA, such as they could reply with the persons name that you should contact, or they could reply for a free report, or they could reply for more information.

Simply type out your CTA paragraph in notepad for each combination, then put a { sign in front of the first combination, immediately after that combination put the | sign, then the next combination, and | sign, the next combination, and so on, with a } after the last combination. For example:

{CTA paragraph 1|CTA paragraph 2|CTA paragraph 3}

Again, by sending out 1000 emails, and then looking at the responses that come back, you can count up how many people responded to each call to action, and find that one that produces the most responses.

To sum up

Small increases in response rate can add up!

If you aren’t using split testing in your B2B cold emails, then you’re leaving money on the table.

If you haven’t already done so, download the Email Marketing Robot software here, and try using “spintax” in your marketing emails to increase the response rate of your campaigns exponentially.

Version Release Notes

We are pleased to announce our next major update of the Email Marketing Robot software.

Bing is now an additional source for website data

The new version now has the additional option of using Bing for search results. This option is selectable via the “Region” dropdown list on the main screen of the software. Use this option if you are not getting any search results from the other country options that use Google as the source for data.

If using Bing please note a maximum of 50 results can be found per search, compared to the maximum of 100 results with Google. We only recommend using Bing if you are experiencing issues with the other options.

To avoid any problems we recommend that you install all Windows Updates including any updates to Internet Explorer. The software does work with Windows 10 if you wish to update your Windows to the latest version.

Software can address people by name

The software has always had a #greeting# tag that automatically inserts a time based greeting – either “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, or “Good evening”, but we have now expanded this option through our new #greeting name# tag.

The Robot will automatically recognise email addresses that are people’s names, and put Dear Bob, Dear Sue, Dear Jonathan, etc.

If no name is recognised in the email address, the software will automatically revert back to the time of day based greeting.

To use this new feature, just change your #greeting# tag to #greeting name#.

How to update your software

All registered customers automatically receive instructions on how to get the latest updates.

If you haven’t already done so, please download the free trial version here.

Version Release Notes

Version 2.15 is the latest stable release of the Email Marketing Robot.

This version of our B2B email marketing automation software contains several improvements based on feedback from our valued human operators:

  • Ability to edit campaigns.
    You can now add and remove business categories and locations at any time. Previously the only way to add business types and locations was to create a new campaign. Now you can add or remove at any time, as and when needed.
  • Collect emails only mode.
    The software can now be used to harvest emails only, making it the most accurate email harvesting software available. This would allow you to use the emails for other purposes, for example building an audience list for display advertising platforms, or adding targeted connections on social networks. Use this mode if you don’t wish to send your marketing message by email in the first instance.
  • Clickable URL links
    If you see an interesting looking website appear in the search results, rather than having to type out the website address in your web browser, you can now simply click the link and the website opens in your web browser automatically. You can then take the necessary action, for example if you wish to add local web directories into your domain blacklist you can right click that line, then click “Add to domain blacklist”.
  • More countries support
    As our customer base continues to expand internationally, we have added more countries to the drop down list. Selecting the country that you are targeting helps to increase the accuracy of the websites that the Robot finds. Please let us know if you would like us to add more countries to this list.

We would welcome your ideas to improve the software further, and any bug reports via our comments form.

The latest version can be downloaded here.

All registered operators will receive update notifications by email.

Demo: Inviting People to Business Networking Events

For those who organise business networking meetings, the Email Marketing Robot is a must-have tool.

Instead of spending hours cold-calling local businesses owners from newspaper ads, directories, and cards on supermarket notice boards – you can put your feet up, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and wait for interested people to contact you!

I know from being involved with BNI (Business Network International) how hard it can be to launch and re-launch groups, so I developed the Email Marketing Robot for both generating referrals, and for continuous visitor inviting.

Recommended invitation to email local businesses.

List of business types most interested in professional networking.

Download the Email Marketing Robot trial version today.

10 Subject Lines To Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Here is our list of the top subject line styles for getting your emails opened:

  1. Simple
    Notification type emails such as “Your order is being processed” work very well when the user is expecting the email. Keeping it simple also works with other types of emails too, such as “Referrals”, or “Enquiry from website”.
  2. Funny
    Stand out from the crowd with a funny subject line, such as “FW: Caffeine!!” for an invitation to an early morning breakfast meeting.
  3. Controversial subject lines
    A subject line such as “Your website sucks! Why you need to think mobile” could get your email noticed in the inbox in an otherwise crowded market.
  4. Single word
    “Referrals” is a great one for invitations to networking events, or you could use the one word that describes how people will feel after using your product or service, this arouses curiosity.
  5. Numbers and lists
    “10 negative calorie foods”, would be good for a weight loss email. Or how about “3 ways to generate leads for free”. Again, these types of subject lines arouse curiosity and get the recipient to open the email to find out more.
  6. Personalised
    Adding the company type for example “#companytype# Referrals”, is very powerful. The Email Marketing Robot replaces #companytype# with the recipients type of company, for example “Probate Solicitor Referrals”, this makes the email look very targeted and leads to high open rates.
  7. Questions and other punctuation
    To stand out in a crowded email inbox, the use of unusual characters such as !, ?, %, and ♥ all work well. How can you turn your subject line into a question?
  8. Scarcity
    “48 hours only”, “last chance”, “Hurry”, all prompt the recipient to take immediate action and can lead to a higher open rate.
  9. Mystery
    People love a bit of mystery in their lives. Subject lines such as “It’s all over on 21st June”, will again cause the recipient to become curious and open the email to find out more.
  10. Short
    Studies show that subject lines under 50 characters are more effective.

In the Email Marketing Robot software you can test various subject lines by using the { | } characters. Start with { then use | to seperate your subject lines and close with }. The robot will pick subject lines at random. For example:

{Hurry – this offer closes in 24 hours!!|Referrals|See you on 21st June?}

By looking at the replies you receive back, you can then work out which subject line leads to the highest response rate.

Let us know how you get on. What’s the most effective subject line you have found?

Software Update

Email Marketing Robot Software

The latest update of the Email Marketing Robot includes the following enhancements:

  • Multi-Threaded Email Scraping
    The robot will now search four websites simultaneously for contact details, speeding up the email address search functionality, and enabling the software to reach the full email sending speed of 90 emails per hour, if desired. Tests have shown that the software now has a 4x better efficiency compared to the non-multi-threaded version.
  • Improved Detection of Directories & Forums
    The software now filters out more directories and forums, improving the efficiency of the software, allowing the robot to concentrate on finding contact details for actual businesses matching your search criteria, and not wasting time crawling directories and forums.
  • Demo Mode
    The software will now send ten emails in unregistered mode, before prompting the user to register the software. A range of registration options are now available, making the software affordable to all businesses.

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End Employee Absenteeism


Email Marketing Robot Software

Employee absenteeism can be a thing of the past, especially in your marketing department, with the advent of the new Email Marketing Robot from Android Marketing Ltd.

The Email Marketing Robot is different to other marketing automation software on the market, because it combines a highly accurate email harvester that finds the contact details of businesses filtered by both business classification and geographic location, with a fully-featured email sending client. This results in a fully automated system that both finds and contacts businesses 24/7.

Works when you say so – never needs time off!

Of course you can set the robot to only send messages between 8am and 6pm, or any times you choose, using the in-built scheduler.

The robot will never need a day off work, it will never need to take breaks, and it never gets sick. In fact, it’s been tested hundreds of thousands of times over the past two years, on all PC based operating systems. The result has always been a stream of warmed-up contacts getting in touch requesting more information on the subject they have been emailed about.

The Email Marketing Robot is ideal for:

  • Inviting local business owners to networking events
  • Cross promoting other local businesses who may share the same clients
  • Contacting show rooms regarding stocking new products
  • Inviting trades people to exhibitions
  • Inviting photographers to photo studios
  • Contacting local businesses about accountancy services
  • Contacting local businesses about local marketing services

The list of potential uses for the Email Marketing Robot is endless.

Please tell us about any new uses that you have found for the robot!

Put the robot to the test for yourself!

Try the Email Marketing Robot out for yourself. If you aren’t 100% delighted with the results we will refund your money as part of our 30 day money back guarantee.