Email Counter

A new update of the Email Marketing Robot software has just been released that features an email counter at the bottom of the screen so that you can monitor how many emails the robot has sent.

By monitoring the number of emails sent and the number of replies received its possible to test the effectiveness of different email templates.

We have also improved the settings menu so that you can specify a sender name and sender email address. We have found that this improves deliverability rates particularly for clients using Microsoft Outlook.

New Features for SEO

Did you know that the top three result on Google get 90% of the traffic? The top result can get up to 40 times as many clicks on it as the result in 4th place.

Now SEO companies can target prospective clients with pin-point accuracy thanks to a new feature in the Email Marketing Robot.

By skipping the first 1 or more results on Google (we would suggest skipping the first three to five), SEO companies can email only the businesses who are not at the top of Google yet for their top level keyword categories.

Simply give the robot a list of business categories and areas that you wish to cover. You can use the list of largest cities for inspiration.

In settings you can choose how many results the robot will skip, so you can miss the first three sites, five sites and so on according to your preferences.

You can also select how many pages deep in the search results you want the robot to travel. Some SEO companies may not wish to contact businesses whose websites are on the 4th page on Google for instance, whereas other companies may be willing to contact companies who are currently on the 8th page.

The Email Marketing Robot has many customisable features making it the most versatile automatic marketing software available on the Internet today. Simply set up your campaign and let the robot go to work sending as many as 90 automated personalised emails out on your behalf every hour.

This software allows SEO consultants to reach more potential clients in less time to sell more of their service. It is especially useful to promote on-page optimisation and link building services, but could be equally useful for promoting web design, ecommerce sites, etc.

Events Management

Events management companies often need to contact business owners to let them know about forthcoming events, tradeshows, exhibitions, fayres, and conferences. The traditional ways are sending out direct mail shots, telemarketing, purchasing email lists, and advertising.

Many traditional marketing techniques are costly in both time and money. Telemarketing is time consuming and soul destroying. Direct mail can be expensive. Email lists are often out of date and it can be hard to track the effectiveness of many types of advertising.

In all business to business events success depends on the ability to attract exhibitors and delegates.The exact type of event will define the categories of businesses that the events management company will invite either as exhibitors or delegates to any tradeshow, expo or event.

The Email Marketing Robot software allows events management companies to automate the sending of email invititations to businesses who match their specific criteria. It is just like having an ultra-efficient extra member of marketing staff who will work tirelessly to contact businesses on your behalf!

For example XYZ Events is organising a wedding expo in New York. They use the Email Marketing Robot to invite related businesses to exhibit from around the New York area. That could include wedding photographers, bridal shops, wedding cake makers, limousine hire companies, etc.

Another example of how the Email Marketing Robot can help Events Management firms is where they use the software to send out invitation emails to businesses who may wish to attend as delegates at tradeshows. In conjuction with online events registration software the Email Marketing Robot can help to fill events with interested delegates and reduce marketing overheads.

Sending Bulk Email

The Email Marketing Robot is an email marketing tool that automates the process of finding potential client’s email addresses and sending bulk email that appears personalised and unique.

Think about the emails you have received recently. They can be broadly categorised into three types of emails:

  • Personal emails sent specifically to you
    These are often apparent because the “To:” box only has your email in it and there is some degree of personalisation in the body of the email that gives you reason to believe the email has been written for you specifically.
  • Emails from a newsletter list that you have subscribed to
    Often you will see an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and the email itself will contain personalisation such as your name indicating that you did indeed subscribe to that list at some time in the past.
  • Bulk, “spam” and unsolicited emails
    Often (but not always) these will not have your email address in the To: box because the sender has used BCC: to blind copy many recipients into the same email. There is often not any personalisation in the email unless your details have been obtained from a list purchased from a mailing list supplier.

Which of these types of emails has the highest open rates? The emails that appear personalised and do not appear to have been sent by a bulk email program of course.

It’s exactly the same with direct mail received through the letterbox. People and business owners alike will usually open the envelopes with a hand written address, postage stamp rather than franking machine imprint, and a white envelope rather than brown. If it seems like there is something bulky in the envelope even better!

The Email Marketing Robot is an intelligent tool that works for sending bulk email to targeted business prospects but makes the emails appear to be personal and unique.

Every part of the email can be personalised to include details about the business including their business type and their geographic location – even the number they appear at in the Google search results which is excellent if you are promoting search engine optimisation services!

It is an email marketing tool that can be used for any business to business purpose. It is great for announcing new products and services, inviting business owners to events, or sending out a newsletter to businesses that you could potentially work with without having to know their email addresses or have them opt-in to your email list from the start.

So if you are looking for a solution for sending bulk email to B2B targets look no further than the Email Marketing Robot.

Download your copy today from this website and never buy an expensive or out of date email list again!

Affordable Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Robot represents the most affordable email marketing solution on the market today.

Other email marketing solutions require the purchase of email lists or building a list of subscribers manually both of which can be equally expensive.

The cost of buying a list of targeted email addresses can run into the thousands and there is often no guarantee that the email addresses are accurate.

Deliverability rates

When sending out emails to a list that has been purchased the deliverability rates can be as low as 30% meaning that 70% of the emails in the list are outdated, have been removed by the user due to high spam rates, or are simply inaccurate due to the way that the list was collated.

Cost comparison

Generating a list from scratch is often touted as the better option but driving visitors to your online sign up form can be expensive through the traditional methods of pay per click advertising. Even with a high traffic website the sign up rate is low and you would be missing out on the vast majority of potential clients who aren’t aware of your company.

The Email Marketing Robot offers a cost effective method of reaching potential clients who haven’t necessarily even considered the need for your products and services.

How it works

It works by entering a list of business types that you wish to target and their geographical areas instead of supplying the software with a list of email addresses.

The Robot then gets to work searching for businesses that match your criteria and looking through their websites for a contact email address. When an email is found it contacts that company on your behalf using a personalised email that works in a very similar way to the traditional direct mail merge template.

Download it today

If you are looking for an affordable email marketing solution and you wish to precisely target businesses on a local, national, or international level with pin-point accuracy, download the Email Marketing Robot and put an end to expensive bought-in email lists or email list generation methods for good!

Version 2.17.2 Release Notes

Websites are getting increasingly sophisticated when it comes to obscurification of their email addresses in an attempt to cut down the amount of spam email they receive.

Many times the email address appears obvious to human visitors, but software has difficulty reading the email address because of the methods used to render it in the page.

The latest version of the Email Marketing Robot version 2.17.2 includes new methods to decode email addresses that are injected using Javascript.

This update will increase the number of email addresses found by the software, increasing the deliverability of your targeted marketing emails.

You can download a free trial of the Email Marketing Robot here.

Version Release Notes

The Email Marketing Robot just gets more and more intelligent! 😀

Version 2.15.2 of the Email Marketing Robot (released 16th July 2015) is an update which includes enhanced decryption of obfuscated email addresses, which in testing has significantly increased our email detection rates by over 30%, and in some cases over 300% (depending on the exact search criteria used).

  • Reads email addresses with altered @ signs
    It is increasingly common for people to put their email address as info(at), or info<at> because they only want humans to be able to understand the email address. The Email Marketing Robot now mimicks human behaviour by reading and understanding those email addresses.
  • Decrypts various encoded email strings
    Various methods are now routinely used to hide email addresses from web spiders and email harvesters. The Email Marketing Robot is now not effected by those methods of obfuscating email addresses using string encryption or javascript methods of displaying an email address.

Many clients ask us why the Robot does not fill out web forms automatically. The reason for this is to avoid any Project Honeypot spam traps that exist on the internet. This projects our users from being blacklisted, by only emailing businesses that display a human-readable email address on their website.

These updates are thanks to the suggestions of clients. Please let us know if you have further suggestions to improve the software.

Download the free trial today and automate your B2B lead generation!

B2B Email Lead Generation

B2B email lead generation is an essential part of any successful business. Even if you are busy today, it is prudent to keep prospecting for new clients, especially if you want to grow your business.

Leads are essential to fuel your sales team, and leads are invariably the result of successful marketing. Lack of leads is usually the result of inadequate marketing.

Easiest Way To Generate B2B Leads

If you are in the market for B2B email leads, the Email Marketing Robot from Android Marketing can help.

cropped-boxshot1.jpgInput a list of target business categories that would make potentially good clients, and give it a list of geographic areas that you operate in. The Robot finds local businesses, and scours their website to find a contact email address.

The email addresses found on websites are about 50% of the time a generic enquiries email, typically these will be read by one of the company owners or their secretary, and 50% are named individuals, such as the company president, owner, or one of the business partners.

Around 91% of the email addresses on websites are accurate, and 9% of them are inaccurate – resulting in bounce back emails. Around 30-60% of websites have an email address listed, even though it is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, and several other countries.

Best Lead Generation Software

There are other methods for looking up contact email addresses for businesses, but often the data is not as up to date as the contact page of a website. Therefore, we consider this to be the most effective and efficient method.

The Email Marketing Robot works out much more effective than if you were to buy email address leads, because the data the Robot finds is fresher because most businesses keep their websites up to date, so there will be less spam complaints, and less gone-aways. More of your emails will be delivered and read, so you will not need to send as many emails to get the same, or better results.

This unique lead generation software is the result of four years development and testing, and is the most accurate software of its type available.

It differs from other email blast tools because the search engine is much more accurate for local business targeting, and it is intelligent enough to avoid spamming businesses or people who don’t match the specified targeting. It also includes a built in speed-limiter so that it sends a limited number of emails per hour.

We invite you to download the free demo and test-drive the Robot today!


Running a BNI Chapter Visitors Day?


So you are running a BNI Chapter Visitors Day to boost membership numbers. What is the best way to go about it?

Identify missing professions

One of the best ways to identify which professions would most benefit the chapter is to listen out to members 60 second presentations.Often the request for introductions to certain types of businesses will come up again and again. Most wanted professions may also be mentioned by the leadership team during the membership committee report.

Another way is to look at the current top list of professions in BNI and identify which business categories are missing from the chapter in question. Those would be good businesses to invite, since they are most likely to benefit from BNI membership.

Identify the catchment area

Google Maps is a great tool to identify the towns and cities around the BNI chapter meeting place to invite professions from. Not only should you take into account a radius around the venue, but also places within a 20 to 30 minute driving time. If the venue is just off a motorway junction this could be a large catchment area.

Don’t just invite businesses from the town or city that the chapter meets in. This gives you a greater choice of businesses to invite along to your meeting.

Find businesses to target

Now you have a list of business classifications that are missing from your chapter, and a list of towns and cities – you can simply use Google to search for businesses and invite them along to your BNI Chapter visitors day. A simple email or phone call is all that is needed.

Send out the invitations and follow-up!

The invite can be either by phone or email. Keep the initial contact brief and to the point. Explain that yourself and 30+ other local businesses are getting together to network and discuss referral opportunities, and would they be interested in coming along.

If they are interested you can then email a more detailed letter including the venue address, time, cost for the meeting, what food/refreshments are included, and remind them to bring PLENTY of business cards!

It is good practice a day or two before the meeting to call and ask if they are coming by themselves or bringing any colleagues or contacts with them. This could lead to extra visitors, and you can double-check for any category conflicts prior to the event.

Don’t ask “are you still coming?”, since that provides people with an easy get out!

Other tips for further success

Whenever possible always invite two weeks ahead. Don’t leave it until the week of the meeting – or worse yet the last minute! Most professional people book their diaries at least a week ahead – so inviting two weeks ahead definitely produces a higher response rate.

Use the specifically-designed Email Marketing Robot software to send out your initial invitations. This will save you loads of time, since the robot can deliver up to 90 targeted invitations per hour to the business types and locations that you supply it with. This frees up your time so you can simply respond to those who are interested.

Gone are the days of ringing through newspaper ads, or trawling local supermarkets for business cards to find people to invite!

The Email Marketing Robot has been successfully used to launch and relaunch many BNI chapters throughout the UK and Europe. BNI National Office have even purchased a copy, and it is used by many BNI Area Directors and Executive Directors too.

Please see the video demo for further details.