Can I send file attachments?

The Email Marketing Robot will not send file attachments, as doing so would significantly slow down delivery, and lead to many more messages ending up in the spam filter, or not being delivered at all.

Your email service provider is also likely to complain that you are causing an excessive load on their server by sending file attachments to large numbers of recipients.

There are two workarounds that we would recommend using:

  1. Host the file on the Internet somewhere, such as Google Drive for instance, and then create a short link using a service such as Provide that link in your emails so that recipients can access the document without needing to bloat the size of your email message.
  2. Ask the recipient if they would be interested in receiving the information in your first email, then send the attachment only to those who express interest. That way you will know which recipients are most interested, and you can concentrate your follow up on them.

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