Christmas Party Venue Marketing for Restaurant Owners

Christmas meals are a highlight of the working year, when employees and their partners can get together to celebrate all the successes of the year in an informal setting. They are a great for opportunity for team building and a possible tax-break that can raise employee moral.

As a restaurant owner, Christmas is a time of the year where you can fill your restaurant and maximise your profits. You also have the opportunity to make a good first impression to many new customers who will be visiting your restaurant for the first time.

Why not use the Email Marketing Robot to get the word out about your restaurant to local business owners now, while they are starting to think about choosing the right Christmas party venue for their staff this year.

Download the free trial of our software, and you also get free professional copywriting included!

You can use our list of business categories, together with a list of local place names, and the Email Marketing Robot will automatically find local businesses, look up their contact email address (so no database of email addresses is requried), and email out your marketing message on complete auto-pilot.

Once the Christmas period is over you can continue to use the software to find new businesses, and let them know about any special offers that you are running at the time.

There is no minimum contract period, so you are free to use the software from as little as one month if you wish. You can always re-subscribe again at any time.

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List of Trades

If you would like to target the trades, you can use this ready-made list of business categories.

Why not do a trade industry focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local tradespeople automatically!

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Wedding Mafia Business Types

If you would like to target businesses in the wedding industry, you can use this ready-made list of business categories.

Why not do a “Wedding Mafia” focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local wedding related business owners automatically!

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Health & Wellbeing Business Types

If you would like to target health and wellness businesses, you can use this ready-made list of business categories.

Why not do a health and wellness focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local health and wellbeing business owners automatically!

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Business Services Categories

If you would like to target business services, you can use this ready-made list of business services categories.

Why not do a business service focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local business services companies automatically!

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Finance Business Categories

If you would like to target financial businesses, you can use this ready-made list of finance business categories.

Why not do a finance focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local finance business owners for you automatically!

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Property Business Categories

If you want to target businesses related to property you can use this list of business categories.

Give the Email Marketing Robot this list, tell it your local towns and cities, and it can send our recommended invitation template out to invite local property business owners to your business networking group.

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A-Z List of Business Categories

Here is a full list of business categories in Excel format to select from.

Business categories A-Z (Excel format)

Randomised business categories list (CSV format)

Please check the other lists of business types in our resources section.

Want to generate B2B leads on auto-pilot?

Use our lists of business categories together with the unique Email Marketing Robot software (click here for free trial).

The Email Marketing Robot finds and contacts businesses that match the business categories and geographic locations that you specify.

BNI Business Categories/Professions List for Marketing Networking Events

BNI CategoriesInvite new visitors to your business networking events continuously with the Email Marketing Robot software!

Most business networkers know that visitors are the life-blood of business networking groups.

Most business networking organisers and members want to invite visitors to their meetings, but don’t have the time to contact enough people each week to result in significant numbers of quality visitors.

Lack of visitors results in stagnation, and good members can end up leaving as a result. Thankfully there is a proven system, five years in development and testing, that is perfect for inviting visitors to business networking events – and best of all, it works on complete auto-pilot!

Imagine what a difference it would make to have an extra 5, 10, or even 15 additional business owners attending your next meeting.

Now You Can Fill Your Next Meeting With Quality Local Business Owners!

Simply select from the follow list the business categories that are missing from your own business networking group, then paste the list into the software (click here for free download).

Provide the geographic areas you want to target (such as nearby towns and cities to your meeting location).

You will want to consider all the places that people can travel from in under 30 minutes from your venue, at that particular time of day when you meet. If that’s early in the morning people can travel from a greater distance.
Use our proven visitor networking event invitation to get the maximum number of visitors, and always invite two weeks ahead – even if you meet weekly, as we have found this is the optimum amount of notice to give busy business owners.

Test Drive This Multi-Award-Winning Visitor Inviting System!

Award for bringing the most visitors in BNIThe invitation has been optimised for maximum attendance over the past six years by our software developer at BNI (Business Network International) meetings, and won awards for the number of visitors he brought along – including the prestigious “Gold Club Member” award for most visitors who subsequently became members.

Using this approach of automated inviting of local business owners to your event, you can easily achieve personal visitor numbers of 5 to 15 visitors by inviting visitors to come to your meeting in two weeks time.

Actual numbers will vary from person to person, as there are many factors that determine whether or not a visitor will turn up on the day – including the enthusiasm of the person they are being invited by, the time of meeting, day of week, location, etc.

Try it out now for free!

Here is the full list of business categories most likely to attend a networking event:
(if you can suggest any more categories please add them using the comments form below)

Advertising Agency
Aerial Photographer
Air Conditioning Installer
Alarm Installer
Answering Service
Art Gallery
Asbestos Removal Service
Audio Visual Equipment Hire
Awnings Supplier
Bathroom Designer
Beauty Consultant
Beauty Products Distributor
Beauty Salon
Bid and Tender Manager
Blinds and Curtains Store
Branding Consultant
Building Materials Supplier
Building Products Supplier
Building Surveyor
Business Advisor
Business Banking Manager
Business Consultant
Business Franchise Consultant
Business Training Service
Cabinet Maker
Car Body Shop
Car Detailer
Car Mechanic
Car Parts and Accessories Supplier
Car Sales Showroom
Car Servicing Garage
Carpet Cleaning Service
Cash Flow Consultant
Catering Equipment Supplier
Chartered Surveyor
Civil Engineering Company
Cleaning Products Supplier
Cleaning Service
Clothing Supplier
Commercial Banking Service
Commercial Insurance Broker
Commercial Property Agent
Commercial Property Surveyor
Commodity Investments Broker
Computer Networks Installer
Computer Repair Centre
Computer Software Developer
Computer Software Sales
Computer Training Provider
Construction Products Supplier
Construction Project Manager
Counselling Service
Craniosacral Osteopath
Credit Card Service
Custom Clothing Company
Damp Proofer
Dance teacher
Data Cabling Installer
Debt Collector
Debt Management Agency
Demolition Service
Detective Agency
Disc Jockey
Dog Groomer
Driving Instructor
Dry Cleaner
Email Marketing Service
Energy Assessor
Energy Consultant
Engraving Service
Entertainment Agency
Equipment Financing Lender
Equity Release Advisor
Estate Agent
Estate Planner
Event Planner
Executive Coach
Financial Advisor
Fire Equipment Supplier
Fire Protection Systems Installer
Fire Safety Training Provider
Fitness Trainer
Flooring Contractor
Food and Drinks Products Supplier
Foreign Exchange
Formal Wear Hire Company
Funeral Planning Service
Furniture Restoration Service
Furniture Shop
Garage Door Installer
Gas Engineer
General Contractor
General Insurance Broker
Glass Company
Golf Pro
Graphic Designer
Hair Stylist
Health and Safety Consultant
Health and Wellness Products Distributor
Health and Wellness Provider
Health Club
Health Insurance Broker
Health Spa
Home Furnishings Store
Home Staging Company
Hot Tub Supplier
House Clearance Service
Human Resources Consultant
Image Consultant
Information Technology Consultant
Insolvency Practitioner
Insulation Service
Insurance Claims Advisor
Interior Designer
Internet Marketing Consultant
Internet Service Provider
IT Support Services
Kitchen Fitter
Language Tutor
Laundry Service
Lawn Care Service
Leadership Development Consultant
Lettings Agent
Life Coach
Lighting Supplier
Limousine Service
Local Magazine or Directory
Loss assessor
Mailing Service
Management Consultant
Market Research Agency
Marketing Consultant
Massage Therapist
Mediation Service
Medical Products Supplier
Mobile Phone Supplier
Mobility Products Supplier
Mortgage Broker
Music Tuitor
Occupational Therapist
Office Equipment Leasing
Office Furnisher
Office Machines Company
Office Products Supplier
Overseas Property Consultant
Painter and Decorator
Paralegal Service
Payroll Service
Pension Advisor
Personal Assistant
Personal Development Course Provider
Personal Injury Claims Manger
Personal Trainer
Pest Controller
Picture Framing Supplier
Printer Ink Cartridges Supplier
Private Doctor
Professional Organiser
Professional Speaker
Promotional Goods Supplier
Property Developer
Property Investments Consultant
Property Maintenance Service
Property Management Company
Public Relations Agency
Public Speaking Coach
Quantity Surveyor
Radio Station
Real Estate Auctioneer
Recruitment Agency
Relocation Service
Removals Service
Renewable Energy Consultant
Residential Property Surveyor
Roofing and Guttering Service
Sales Training Consultant
Search Engine Optimisation Consultant
Security Guarding Agency
Security Personnel Agency
Security Systems Installer
Shop Fitter
Sign Company
Social Media Marketing Agency
Solar Heating Installer
Sports Instructor
Sports Therapist
Stained Glass Supplier
Steel Fabrication Company
Storage Facility
Structural Engineer
Tax Advisor
Taxi Service
Telecommunications Service
Telecommunications Systems Installer
Telemarketing Service
Timber Merchant
Tour Operator
Travel Agent
Tree Surgeon
Trophie Supplier
Tyre Fitter
Upholstery Service
Utilities Broker
Vehicle Finance Broker
Vehicle Rental Company
Vending Machine Supplier
Video Production Service
Virtual Assistant
Waste Disposal Service
Water Cooler Supplier
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Hosting Provider
Wedding Planner
Will Writer
Window Cleaning Service
Windows and Doors Supplier
Wine Merchant

banner-2Your time is worth more than cold calling local businesses!

Try our Email Marketing Robot software without risk, and automate the process of inviting visitors to your business networking meetings.

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Just imagine for a moment seeing your members faces when you turn up with 5 to 15 visitors at your next business networking event!

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Email Marketing Robot is an independent company, not affiliated with BNI (Business Network International), or any other business networking organisation.

Top 50 Business Networking Categories List

This post has been depreciated. Please click here for the updated version.

Use this list with the Email Marketing Robot (free trial download) to put your business networking visitor inviting on auto-pilot. Your fellow members will love you for it!

Full list of the top 50 Business Networking Categories in the UK & Ireland for 2010-2011:

Rank Business Category Total
1 Accountant 603
2 Independent Financial Advisor 504
3 Solicitor 458
4 Printer 455
5 Electrician 411
6 Mortgages 410
7 Photographer 343
8 Graphic Designer 326
9 Web Design 304
10 Plumber 292
11 Builder 272
12 Computer Sales-Service 242
13 Painter and Decorator 220
14 Architectural Services 217
15 Business Coach 194
16 Bank Services 184
17 Cleaning Services 172
18 General-Motor Insurance 165
19 Sign Company 150
20 Marketing Services 149
21 Telecommunications Services 144
22 Office Products 139
23 Security Systems 128
24 Business Insurance 124
25 Carpenter 117
26 Recruitment Agency 116
27 Property Management 115
28 Car Sales, Leasing 108
29 Bookkeeper 107
30 Travel Agent 107
31 Health and Safety Consulting 105
32 Flooring/Carpets 99
33 Florist 99
34 Human Resources 99
35 Web Hosting-Design 97
36 Car Repairs 92
37 Interior Designer 85
38 Landscaping Services 83
39 Residential Property 76
40 Health & Wellness Services 72
41 Computer Networks 69
42 Car Services 66
43 Computer Software Sales-Services 63
44 Windows-Doors 63
45 Caterer 62
46 Surveyor for Residential Property 61
47 Engineer 57
48 Business Advisor 53
49 Property Maintenance 52
50 Carpet Cleaning 51

These are 2011 BNI categories figures from 1st Jan 2011 to 31st Dec 2011.

Data from

cropped-boxshot1.jpgAre you a busy business networker?

Try our Email Marketing Robot software to automate the process of inviting visitors to your business networking meetings.

Imagine your members reactions when you turn up with 5 to 15 visitors in one week!