New! How is the Email Marketing Robot effected by GDPR?

How do I install the Email Marketing Robot?

How to I set up and start a new campaign with this software?

How do I set up my Robot to send emails using my account?

Do you have ready made lists of towns and cities?

Do you have ready made lists of business categories?

Do you have pre-written email templates?

Can I personalise the subject line?

Can I A/B split test subject line?

Is it possible to add file attachments?

Can I insert images into the emails?

Can I stop the software from emailing my existing clients or unwanted websites?

Is there a log of all email addresses?

How do I stop my emails ending up in the spam folder?

Does it run on a Mac?

What does a syntax error mean when sending?

I'm getting an error saying I've reached the daily sending quota

How do I stop my computer from going to sleep?

Can I stop Windows Update from automatically restarting my computer?

How do I update my Email Marketing Robot to the latest version?

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