Configuring Email Servers

The first step in configuring the Email Marketing Robot is setting up your email server details, so that the Robot can send emails from your PC.

Copying SMTP server settings from your existing email client software

The email servers are usually supplied by your Internet Service Provider, and can often be found in the settings of your existing email program such as Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Using the Gmail SMTP server

Alternatively, you can use the Robot to a limited extent with Google Mail, because Gmail will limit the number of emails using their SMTP server.

The daily limit with Gmail depends on a number of factors including the age of your Gmail account, so when you hit the daily limit (you will see an error message appear in the software) stop sending that day, and gradually your daily limit will increase up to the maximum of 500 emails per day.

Which SMTP server should you use?

Other SMTP providers such as your broadband provider, or web hosting company may also have daily limits on their SMTP servers. You should contact them for info on their limits, and choose the provider with a daily limit that will suit your purposes.

If you would like a commercial email server setting up that supports daily limits of up to 2000 emails a day, here is who we recommend.

How to set your SMTP server settings

Firstly, open the email settings dialogue by clicking “Options”, then “Settings”:

Next you will see the settings dialogue box open which will look something like this:

Emails per hour:
We recommend that you start this off at 45 emails per hour (the max is 90 with the software), and if you find that you are getting too many calls or emails back then try decreasing this to slow the sending down.

Send emails between:
This setting allows you to control when the Robot sends emails. You can set it to work during office hours only or if you have a large number of businesses to contact you can extend the hours as in the example above. We do not recommend that you send emails during the midnight and very early morning hours as that would increase the likelyhood of your emails being classified as spam and reducing the deliverability rate.

Email SMTP server:
Here you should enter the settings for your outgoing email server known as the SMTP or Simple Mail Transport Protocol server. This setting can be obtained from your internet service provider.

Using the Email Marketing Robot with Gmail

If you are using Google Mail settings please enter and tick the SSL box. Enter port number 587.

  • You also need to enable POP for all mail by logging into your Gmail account, clicking the cog icon at the top right, then going to POP settings, enable POP for all mail, and hit save.
  • If using Gmail, please check that “Less Secure Applications” are also enabled, this only seems to apply to newer Gmail accounts. Click here to check, and you can safely enable this setting if it is currently disabled.

This is usually your email address as supplied by your internet service provider but in some cases might be your account username. Please contact your internet service provider for details.

Google Mail users please enter your full email address such as

Please enter the password for your account. Google Mail users please enter your account password.

Enter your full email address that people can reply to. Eg.

Email sending – if no email address is found
Optionally you can tick this box and specify email prefixes to try if no email address is found on the prospects website. We recommend trying info@ and enquiries@ but in different regions and industries these default email address prefixs can vary. Others to try are sales@, service@, webmaster@, postmaster@, and help@.

Please note you do not have to enter the @ sign. Enter the part of the email before the @.

This setting is optional and we suggest that to get through the contacts quicker you leave this unticked.

Test mode
Enter your own email address to receive emails in test mode.