Starting a New Campaign

Update: We now have a PDF manual you can download and print.


The first step to starting a new campaign is to click File, then New Campaign:

You will now see the New Campaign dialogue that looks like this:

Enter the business types you want to contact on the left, and the towns and cities on the right:

Watch a video on this step!

Enter in the types of businesses, ie. classifications, that you wish to target.

Ensure that when you insert the type of company into your email template later using the #companytype# tag the email makes sense. So as in the example above all the company types will make sense if we say we are looking for a good #companytype# because the #companytype# tag would be substituted for Accountant, Book Keeper, Solicitor etc.

NB: Avoid mixing noun types such as if you added Solicitor and Book Keeping the email would not make sense because it would say something like a good Solicitor in one email then a good Book Keeping in the second.

With the software we supply a list of business types you can use that will all make sense in your email template.

Watch a video detailing this step

Next, enter the place names.

We recommend that for pinpoint accuracy you enter the name of the town/city followed by a space, then the county – as in the examples above.

Optionally, you can tick the checkbox to clear the list of sent email addresses.

You should do this only if your new project is unrelated to the previous project.

By clicking this check box, the Robot will email contacts who have previously been contacted. Please be aware that by ticking this box it could result in complaints from people who have previously been contacted.

When ready, click done, then save your new campaign.

Give your campaign a meaningful file name and save it in an appropriate location such as “My Documents”. You can create a folder for all your Email Marketing Robot projects if you wish to keep them together.

The next step is to edit your email template. We recommend that you compose your email in plain text for maximum deliverability rates since many email clients are very fussy regarding HTML emails coming from known senders only.

When your email template is completed to your satisfaction we recommend that you test the email to ensure that all the codes have been entered correctly and the Robot is producing the results you are expecting.

Click here to see a list of personalisation tags currently supported.

Click on Mode, then activate Test mode.

Finally, select the engine for USA and Worldwide targeting or the engine for UK and Ireland based businesses.

Select the depth that you wish to search.

This will effect the number of businesses that the Robot finds from the search results.

You can select between 2 and 10 pages of results.

Bear in mind that if you select 10 pages the results will become more and more spurious towards the end of the results.

We recommend sticking to 2 pages to begin with.

Click Start to activate the Robot.

It will then start to query Google, find companies websites to target, find their email addresses, and send emails.

Check your emails and verify that the Robot is sending emails out as you expected.

Make any changes as necessary then repeat the testing process.

Once you are happy with the results switch back to Normal mode and click Start again to activate the Robot. In Normal mode emails are actually sent to contact’s email addresses so be prepared for the responses to flood in!

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