The Email Marketing Robot possesses exciting attributes that makes it the market leading email marketing software:

  • Pre-loaded with more than 400 business categories
    You can use the pre-loaded business types or make your own list of business types you would like to contact. This makes it easy to set up the software so that it can start finding businesses you wish to contact.
  • Complete list of UK towns and US states included
    In order to save you time we have included a list of UK towns and US towns and cities to help you get started, or alternatively you can enter postcodes or places. The robot will then find businesses in the local areas that you specify, thereby helping you to focus on businesses in your target area.
  • Scheduler
    This feature enables you to leave your computer on, and have the software run on auto pilot during the hours, and days of the week you specify. This helps to ensure that your emails arrive during office hours only, and hence you will receive less call backs out of office hours. The facility exists to pause the software at any time, and resume again at your convenience where the software will start where it left off automatically.
  • Speed Limiter
    In order to prevent the software sending out too many emails you can limit the email sending to 45 emails per hour, or less. This helps to cope with the flow of incoming enquiries that are generated, and also to stay within your internet service provider’s email sending limits by mimicking human behaviour.
  • Anti-Spam System
    The software will only email a website once per campaign in order to avoid any accusations of spamming. This helps to comply with your internet service provider’s policies, and lessons the risk of alienating your potential clients. Potential customers will not be bombarded with lots of emails, and any email they do receive will be personalised thereby appearing completely genuine.
  • Customisable Templates
    Simply edit the supplied specifically designed templates for virtually guaranteed success in your email marketing campaigns. All the templates are written to encourage people to email you back, or pick up the phone and call for more information. This means you don’t need to be a marketing expert to get great results from this software.
  • Spin Code Support
    The software supports spin code which allows for randomised emails to be generated. This helps your emails to get through any spam filters, and increases the chances of your emails being read. It further enables you to test different email headlines, and find the ones that people respond to best.

If you have any questions about the Email Marketing Robot please call James Winsoar on:

+44 7967 646039.