Email Marketing Guide – Part 2

A great way to identify your target market is simply to look at your current client list, and identify their business classifications, and geographic areas.

Lets say that you are a business consultant, and your current customers are mostly tax advisers, accountants, and financial advisers. Perhaps you are in London, and would prefer to travel only within the London boroughs.

Make a list of all the tax advisers, accountants, and financial advisers in the London boroughs, and then find their contact email addresses.

A free way, and a paid way

You could pay to buy B2B email marketing data from a list broker, but prices can be expensive, the lists are often already hammered and unresponsive, or out-of-date and your list broker expects you do to the job of identifying all the gone-aways, in return for getting a replacement off them. I’ve tried buying email lists and it is expensive, and hard to get a profit from them.

A better way is the free way, and that is generating your own list.

A free tool to do this is the Google search engine. Simply search for “tax adviser in Barking“, and you will see a search results page like this:

google-exampleNext, identify the tax advisors on the page amongst all the directories you will find, go to the contact page, and you will see the contact details to add to your mailing list.

Repeat this process until you have gone through all the combinations of business types and London boroughs, and you will have an extensive list of prospects to target with your email marketing message.

Following up with respondents

When the recipient reads your marketing message and responds, there are two things to do:

Firstly, send a personal response that includes the recipient’s name, and answers their individual questions.

Secondly, capture their details into your database for future follow-up and lead nurturing.

Automating the process

You could hire a member of staff to research businesses, build your email list, and send out your promotional messages. The same member of staff could then go through the replies, send out follow up emails, and nurture your leads.

Alternatively, you can use the Email Marketing Robot software from Android Marketing Ltd, to automate the process of researching contacts, and delivering your marketing message.

The Email Marketing Robot has been designed to accurately target your potential clients, and deliver a personalised marketing email that allows you to stand out from the competition.

It include’s built-in anti-spam measures to increase the deliverability of your message, and is fully compliant with both UK, European, and United States commercial email legislation.

The Email Marketing Robot is like having an extra member of staff working for you, delivering your message to the right people at the right time. With it’s built in timer you can set it to deliver emails whilst you are open, so you are ready to respond to enquiries as they come in.


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