How to update software to the latest version

From time to time we make updates to the software to add new features, often at the request of our existing customer base. Details of updates are sent out to customers on a regular basis. If you have received notification of an update, you can follow these instructions to update your software to the latest version.

Our latest update offers some new features that will be covered in future videos.

Step by step guide to installing the latest update:

  • Download the update following the instructions in the email you have received.
  • Open your Control Panel and click Programs & Settings
  • Find the Email Marketing Robot in your list of programs and click Uninstall
  • When uninstalled, double click the EmailBotSetup.msi file you have downloaded
  • Follow the prompts and install the new version.

Please note: All your existing campaign settings will be saved automatically, and not lost during the un-install process. Also .bot campaign files from previous versions will be compatible with the latest version of the software.

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