Getting started with Location Targeting

There are several ways that you can use the Email Marketing Robot to target businesses in a certain location. You may want to do that within a radius around your location, you may want to target businesses within a city, a country, or even internationally. Let’s look at each one and the best strategies for each:

Targeting businesses in a radius around your location

The easiest way is to visit Google Maps, search for your location, and you will be able to zoom in or out, to view place names around your locality. For example, let’s look at places near to Cardiff:


From this image you can make a list of place names around Cardiff. For most accurate results I would recommend adding the county after each one when you input them into the Email Marketing Robot, like so:

Cardiff Glamorganshire
Grangetown Glamorganshire
Canton Glamorganshire
Llandaff Glamorganshire
Gabalfa Glamorganshire

You can include as many place names as you like, depending on how far a radius you are willing to travel. Bear in mind that locations along motorways will take less time to reach, so you could include those in your list as well.

City Targeting

When you are targeting an entire city there are different research tools available to us. Let’s say that you want to target places in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne.

A search on Google for “Newcastle Upon Tyne towns” returned a link to Visitor UK which already has the towns listed. We can simply copy and paste the list from this website, as follows:

Bedlington Northumberland
Bywell Northumberland
Cramlington Northumberland
Darras Hall Northumerland
Heddon Northumberland

Country Targeting

Again we turn to internet research here. Let’s say we want to target France. A search for “towns and cities in France” returned the About France website, which has a list of the biggest towns and cities in France. We can set the Email Marketing Robot to target France, and give it the list of places as follows:

Paris France
Lyon France
Marseille France
Toulouse France
Lille France
Bordeaux France
Nice France
Nantes France

International Targeting

If you wish to target several countries, use the method above and target top countries one at a time.  You can start with your top converting countries first, if known, and then move to the less converting countries in time.

Let me know if you have any questions about location targeting with the Email Marketing Robot?

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