Personalisation Tags

Increasingly we are seeing a trend towards personalisation in email marketing, and our software has included personalisation tags since day one. They work for both plain text, and HTML emails.

You can use the following special tags in your email subject line and the body text of your email which are automatically replaced with the appropriate values by the Email Marketing Robot:

  • #greeting#
    Depending on the time of day this is replaced with Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening. We recommend that you put a comma after the #greeting# tag as one is not automatically included.
  • #companytype#, and #CompanyType#
    This is replaced with the company type you are targeting. So if you put “We are looking for a good #companytype# to potentially refer clients to”, the Robot would change that to “We are looking for a good accountant to potentially refer clients to”. This increases the relevancy of the email, and therefore increases the response rate. You can also capitalise the first letter of each word in the company type using #CompanyType#.
  • #Location#
    This is replaced with the location of the company currently being targeted. So you can say “I see that you are near to #Location#”. This would be replaced for example with “I see that you are near to Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire”. Again this increases the relevancy of your email and makes it look more personalised. You can enter your place names all in lower case, this tag will capitalise the first letter of each word in the location automatically.
  • #position site found in#
    This is great if you are using the Email Marketing Robot to promote a Search Engine Optimisation company. You can say “I see your site is in position #position site found in# on Google. We can help your site get higher”. The Robot will automatically replace #position site found in# with the current position of that site in Google for the search term the Robot is currently using. Again this tag helps add credibility to your email, so that the recipient believes the email has been written to them personally.
  • #url#
    This will insert the website address that the Robot picked up for the search query, not necessarily the one where the contact email address was found. Useful for SEO campaigns.
  • #domain# and #DOMAIN#
    This will insert the domain name only, either in lower case or all upper case. Useful if you need to reference their domain name in your email, for web design campaigns for example.
  • #search term#
    This is replaced with the term that was used to find the contact’s website on Google. For example “Accountant in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire”. So you can put “I found your site while searching for a good #search term#”. This would be translated to “I found your site while searching for a good Accountant in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire”. Be aware that if your company type starts with an A,E,I,O, or U you should avoid putting A before it. That’s why we suggest putting “a good” because that will avoid the a/an problems.
  • {Try this|Or this}
    If you wish to try saying your message in different ways you can use spin tags to randomise two different variations. For example you could put: “We are a group of {local businesses|local business owners} who meet…. the Robot will randomly choose either “local businesses” or “local business owners” in that sentence. You can then monitor the replies back to find out which variations produce the best response rates.

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