Key Points

The Email Marketing Robot

  • Is able to target businesses based on geographic and/or business segmentation
  • Is able to produce cost effective customer data acquisition and target specific groupings
  • Does the job of a member of staff through use of its intelligent “auto-pilot” feature
  • Easily installed, on any windows based operating platform
  • Can be operational in 30 minutes
  • Support and updates included
  • Supplied with email templates designed to maximise your list compilation
  • Does not “flood” prospective customers with emails and thus causing potential grievance
  • Is able to work within your email service providers regulations
  • Becomes your very own market researcher
  • Is able to mimic human behaviour is distributing emails – it will appear to the recipient as proactive searches
  • Comes complete with a link to UK post code map in order to define searches and over 400 industry classifications for targeting