Anti-Spam Measures

The Email Marketing Robot contains some anti-spam features to help keep everyone spam free:

  • It will only email a website or email address once per campaign
  • Email sending rate can be adjusted up to 45 emails per hour
  • Google search engine lookups are minimised

Nobody likes spam but everyone likes receiving a relevent email offering something that is of interest to them.

The Email Marketing Robot allows you to make contact with local businesses who may be interested in the products or services that you have to offer them.

You can target businesses in two ways:

  • By type of business (classification)
  • By town or city (area)

The Email Marketing Robot queries the or search engine (depending on user preference) to find local businesses and then searches their websites for a contact email address.

Since the Email Marketing Robot will only email a website if an email address is found on their website this means it will only contact website owners who wish to be contacted by email.

Anti-spam measures built into the Email Marketing Robot software prevent a website being contacted more than once about any particular offer. This can be selected on a once-per-email basis, or once-per-domain.

Because the software is spam free it can be used with standard SMTP servers – such as the mail service provided by your ISP.

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