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Award for bringing the most visitors in BNIUse our proven breakfast networking invitation wording, a list of unique professions most likely to wish to join a business networking organisation, together with the Email Marketing Robot software to invite hundreds of local business owners to your BNI chapter.

The same list can be used for other professional networking groups just as easily.

You can use this technique as a member, or a Director of BNI to invite more members, to grow your own chapter, or your region.

Already the software and our list of BNI business categories is used by hundreds of BNI members and Directors to grow chapters, relaunch chapters, and launch new chapters.

Visitors are the lifeblood of any business networking group, and our software enables members and Directors to create a continuous flow of visitors to meetings, which helps add buzz to the room, and puts money in members pockets through the extra business visitors help to generate.

As a company we are extremely proud that we are able to assist leading business networking organizations in spreading the business networking message to a wider audience, and as a result to positively impact the economy for millions of people worldwide.

Access our full list of BNI business categories here.

Email Marketing Robot is in no way affiliated with BNI, and BNI is a registered trademark of Business Network International.

Demo: Inviting People to Business Networking Events

For those who organise business networking meetings, the Email Marketing Robot is a must-have tool.

Instead of spending hours cold-calling local businesses owners from newspaper ads, directories, and cards on supermarket notice boards – you can put your feet up, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and wait for interested people to contact you!

I know from being involved with BNI (Business Network International) how hard it can be to launch and re-launch groups, so I developed the Email Marketing Robot for both generating referrals, and for continuous visitor inviting.

Recommended invitation to email local businesses.

List of business types most interested in professional networking.

Download the Email Marketing Robot trial version today.

B2B Lead Generation Template

Adapt this standard B2B lead generation template for your specific business. Use it together with a list of business types, geographic areas, and the Email Marketing Robot software to generate B2B leads automatically!

Your email should be a maximum of four sentences long, three is ideal. This is because shorter emails tend to get higher response rates.

You can test various subject lines, but a great starting place is to communicate the pay-off, ie. the end result of the recipient using your product or service. In this example, we are seeking the appropriate person to speak to.

You should first of all explain how you came to find the contact, and use a conversational tone throughout the body of your email.

You should include a strong call to action in the email to illicit a reply.

We don’t recommend that you use HTML or images as this is a clear sign of a non-personal email.

When you get a response, be sure to reply back as quickly as possible while the lead is still hot.

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How to start a new campaign

Starting a new campaign in the Email Marketing Robot is as easy as sending a standard email, as this video shows.

All you need is your list of business types to target, towns and counties, email subject line, and body text.

We recommend putting the software into test mode first, so that you can check that the emails are being formatted correctly before going live.

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B2B Lead Vendor Business Opportunity

robotIn this article we are going to discuss ways that you can create a B2B marketing funnel either for your own business, or as a service that you can sell to other business owners.

You can set up business as a B2B lead vendor, and tap into the market of businesses who are searching for B2B lead generation companies.

Using this system, you can charge a local business upwards of US $300+, or UK £200+ per month, and use the Email Marketing Robot software to generate leads for them.

All you need to do is liaise with clients (the fun part), set up and run the system for them, and send them the leads.

You don’t need to do any selling or closing as that is the job of the client.

Clients will love you for it, and never need know how you are generating the leads for them.

Step by Step B2B Lead Generation System:

This is the formula we recommend when dealing with every new B2B lead buyer:

  • On-boarding
    Ask the client to fill out a questionnaire that finds out about their target market (business types/categories), the geographic area they wish to cover (towns/cities/countries), details about their business, and their value proposition.
  • Message development
    Craft the outgoing email that the Email Marketing Robot will send to prospects that match the business types and locations that the client wishes to cover. Word the email so that it is as simple as possible for prospects to reply and express interest.
  • Automation setup
    Set up the Email Marketing Robot, perhaps using a generic reply address – or you may wish to use an email address owned by the client.
  • Lead Generation
    Run the Robot software during the best hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday usually), to start generating leads for your client. You may wish to test different subject lines of the email to determine the one that has the best response rate.
  • Manual filtering
    Filter out the hot leads from any auto-responses and rejections that are received back from your cold email marketing. Forward these “hot leads” on to your client to follow up with.
  • Finishing up
    At the end of the campaign, send a spreadsheet with all the lead details on it to the client. Normally this will include the persons name, position, email address, company name, and sometimes the telephone number, and postal address if received back on their reply email. This is great for the client because they finish with something they can see, so they know they have paid for results.

How much can you earn?

Recommended pricing of $300 US per month is for generating up to 300 leads for the client per month. You may wish to increase the price if you are able to generate more leads, depending on their campaign.

We would recommend charging $1 per lead, with the good chance to turn these enquiries into sales, the price is well worth it to any business, as most are paying more than $1 per lead through traditional methods.

Legal considerations

Always inform your clients that the exact amount of leads will vary according to their service, price point, any special offer, and the target market. It is up to the client to take their leads and convert them into sales through a follow up process.

It will be a good idea to draw up a simple agreement so that the client is aware that the actual number of leads may vary. You might want to charge on a per lead basis if you don’t have any previous experience with the market in question.

This is not spam, because you are only emailing each business once, and you are not putting their details into any database without their permission. However, make sure you do not use any misleading subject lines in your outgoing emails.

Who to target

Using this system you can start making money by generating leads for any business that markets to certain business types, such as accountants, printers, business networking groups, SEO companies, data recovery specialists, etc.

You can use the software itself to find prospective clients who can handle more business, or you can set up a website focused around the “B2B lead generation” keyword, and similar keywords. You could even advertise lead generation on a per lead basis in internet discussion groups and forums where your prospect market is likely to be hanging out.

Let us know how you get, or if you have any questions using the comments below.

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Christmas Party Venue Marketing for Restaurant Owners

Christmas meals are a highlight of the working year, when employees and their partners can get together to celebrate all the successes of the year in an informal setting. They are a great for opportunity for team building and a possible tax-break that can raise employee moral.

As a restaurant owner, Christmas is a time of the year where you can fill your restaurant and maximise your profits. You also have the opportunity to make a good first impression to many new customers who will be visiting your restaurant for the first time.

Why not use the Email Marketing Robot to get the word out about your restaurant to local business owners now, while they are starting to think about choosing the right Christmas party venue for their staff this year.

Download the free trial of our software, and you also get free professional copywriting included!

You can use our list of business categories, together with a list of local place names, and the Email Marketing Robot will automatically find local businesses, look up their contact email address (so no database of email addresses is requried), and email out your marketing message on complete auto-pilot.

Once the Christmas period is over you can continue to use the software to find new businesses, and let them know about any special offers that you are running at the time.

There is no minimum contract period, so you are free to use the software from as little as one month if you wish. You can always re-subscribe again at any time.

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Inviting Businesses to Events

The Email Marketing Robot acts as a virtual assistant in the true sense of the word tirelessly inviting local businesses to events, seminars and conferences on your behalf.

Simply give the robot a list of business types you would like to invite to the event, and a list of geographic areas or towns and postcodes for greater targeting accuracy.

Screenshot of the campaign setup screen

Provide the robot with company classifications and areas

We find that the robot works best with a two step approach where in the first contact email the offer is briefly described and the recipient is invited to reply back or telephone if they would like further information.

This puts the recipient in control of the communication from the outset and they don’t feel that they are being sold to.

Personalisation helps to improve response rates so you can use the special tags within the Email Marketing Robot software to automatically insert the recipients company type in the email at key points.

This increases the relevancy score of the email in the recipients mind and increases the likelihood of them reading the rest of the email.

Special attention should be paid to the subject line. Something that describes the email and a benefit or call to action would work, especially if it includes the keyword used to find their website.

Inserting the company type in the subject using the special tag for #companytype# in the Email Marketing Robot is a good idea.

So to sum up:

  • The subject line makes the right people read the email
  • Keywords inserted in the email increases the chance of email being read
  • Put the recipient in charge of receiving more details if they are interested
  • Don’t use the first contact email to try to sell your event – only establish interest

The Email Marketing Robot is perfect for inviting local businesses to networking events, business seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Stick to the above guidelines and you will be amazed at the response!

List of Trades

If you would like to target the trades, you can use this ready-made list of business categories.

Why not do a trade industry focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local tradespeople automatically!

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Wedding Mafia Business Types

If you would like to target businesses in the wedding industry, you can use this ready-made list of business categories.

Why not do a “Wedding Mafia” focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local wedding related business owners automatically!

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Health & Wellbeing Business Types

If you would like to target health and wellness businesses, you can use this ready-made list of business categories.

Why not do a health and wellness focus week at your business networking group? Supply the Email Marketing Robot with this list, together with your local towns and cities, and it will deliver our proven invitation template out to invite local health and wellbeing business owners automatically!

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