B2B Lead Generation Template

Adapt this standard B2B lead generation template for your specific business. Use it together with a list of business types, geographic areas, and the Email Marketing Robot software to generate B2B leads automatically!

Your email should be a maximum of four sentences long, three is ideal. This is because shorter emails tend to get higher response rates.

You can test various subject lines, but a great starting place is to communicate the pay-off, ie. the end result of the recipient using your product or service. In this example, we are seeking the appropriate person to speak to.

You should first of all explain how you came to find the contact, and use a conversational tone throughout the body of your email.

You should include a strong call to action in the email to illicit a reply.

We don’t recommend that you use HTML or images as this is a clear sign of a non-personal email.

When you get a response, be sure to reply back as quickly as possible while the lead is still hot.

Subject line: Appropriate person


I found your contact details by searching your website, and am emailing in the hope of finding the person who handles widget production? If it makes sense to talk, how does your calendar look?

We work with several #companytype#s, and are able to help them to produce widgets more cost effectively. (Insert some more details about how your company is able to help goes here). Some of our clients include (name some of your better known clients).

If you are the most appropriate person to speak with, how does your calendar look? If not, who do you recommend that I talk to?

Thank you in advance,