Email Marketing for Daily Deals Sites

This proven template can be used in the Email Marketing Robot software for contacting businesses by classification within a local area to recruit them as a supplier on daily deals sites similar to Groupon.


Did you know that DailyDeals is the brand new daily deals website launching in the #location# area this month?

We are looking for the best local #companytype# businessto be featured on the DailyDeals #location# website.

In return for offering customers a discount of 50 to 95% off when they purchase your #companytype# offer, we advertise your deal on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

The benefits are more customers for your #companytype# business who might not have heard about your company before.

Compared to other forms of advertising being featured on DailyDeals can be very cost effective since we only charge a low transaction fee on any sales.

If you are interested in finding out more please email back or call YourName on 01234 567890 for further information or to arrange a no-obligation meeting.

Best regards,


Please note that the Email Marketing Robot will replace #greeting# with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”, #companytype# with the type of company for example “Personal Training”, and #location# with the town or city being targeted.

The above template could be used by a daily deals site on a national basis to target all the top business types in all the towns and cities that they operate in.

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