Grant Funding Template

From time to time governments and other organisations make grants available to small business owners, such as the Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme currently running in the United Kingdom.

The Email Marketing Robot offers an elegant and efficient way of contacting businesses who could qualify for these schemes in a timely and friendly manner.

The following template has been written to raise awareness of the broadband grant, however it can easily be edited for other types of grant funding offers that may be available.


Did you know that businesses in 22 cities, including #Location# have until March 2015 to apply for a Government grant of up to £3,000 to cover the cost of faster and better broadband?

At XYZCorp, we help businesses like yours to successfully apply for this broadband grant. We take away the headache of applying, and if you are successful, we ensure that the upgrade is seamless.

If your grant application is not successful for any reason, don’t worry, we don’t charge anything.

If you would like more information, please reply to this email.

Yours faithfully,


Telephone: 01234 567890

XYZCorp, Address, Town, County, Postcode.

PS. If you aren’t the right person for this email, please let me know so we can update our records.

In the above email template, the #greeting# tag will automatically be replaced with Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening depending on the time of day. The #Location# tag will automatically be replaced with the prospects City – capitalising the first letter of each word in the city.

We have added the PS as a soft opt-out method. Providing contact details, and giving people the option of opting out will reduce any possibility of spam complaints.

Simply edit according to your requirements, copy and paste it into your Email Marketing Robot and start generating leads for your grant applications consultancy business today!

Any questions? Please contact us.