Inviting Businesses To Networking Groups

This proven email template is for inviting visitors to business networking groups on a consistent weekly basis (ideally giving people two weeks notice of the next event).

Just change the details in brackets with your own meeting details, and send it out to local business owners!

Subject line: #CompanyType# Referrals


On (Day of Week) (Date), myself and (Number of businesses expected)+ other local companies are meeting at the (Venue name) in (Place name) to network and generate referrals for each other.

At the last meeting, one of businesses mentioned they are looking for a reputable #companytype# in the area to potentially exchange referrals with. I found your website on Google, and wondered if you would be interested in coming along to meet the others and see if we can all generate more business for each other?

The meeting is from (Start time) to (End time) and includes (Type of food served). The cost is just £12 and there is (Type of refreshments served) for refreshments.

The group is very friendly and business focused, so if you are available, I’d love for you to come along as my guest so I can make the introductions.

Please let me know if this is of interest.

Best regards,

(Your Name)

Email: (Your email)
Mobile: (Your mobile)
LinkedIn: (Your LinkedIn profile URL)

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2 responses to Inviting Businesses To Networking Groups

Hi James,
nice software.

I’m just testing it before using it to invite visitors to my BNI group (Ferrers, Markyate) and have a couple of questions:

1) Is there a way that the email list can be edited before it is sent. In my test I noticed a few addresses to companies I wouldn’t want to invite.

2) All of the email addresses in my test have an outcome of ‘Mailbox unavailable. The server ….. is not authenticated’ Is this because, as a test, it was not sent?


Hi David,

You can either right click the line and add that domain to the blacklist, or you can add all the domains you wish to block to the blacklist manually. You might want to do this if you wish to avoid contacting existing or ex-members for example.

If you are getting an error message it would imply that your SMTP server settings are incorrect. Check the server address, port number, security setting, username, and password.

Best regards,


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