Testimonials & Reviews

We worked with James and certainly found his techniques in marketing a necessary addition to our activities. What impressed me is the level of customer service he provides. James understands your business and does able to provide the relevant support promptly when required.
Mel Fisher
Managing Director at Business for Breakfast UK
I have been using the email marketing robot for some time now and it has been very useful in getting visitors along to a number of BNI Business networking groups in Hampshire. Some of those visitors have joined so it has more than paid for itself. I have recommended it to members of mine that are in different businesses for their own marketing.
Alyson Roach
Executive Director of BNI Hampshire
Thank you for amazing Email Robot program. For a Driver Training company aiming to attract clients from all over the UK, a vast amount of emails need to be sent out on a regular basis. So it is essential to the success of the business that as many emails be sent as easily as possible. Email Robot has provided us with a means to target the locations and business types we aim to reach- and more. Email Robot is a pleasure to work with – James Winsoar is always available and willing to offer advice, to put forward constructive suggestions and to make changes as and when necessary. The choice to use Email Robot to manage our email marketing has been one of the most fortuitous decisions that the company has made.
Philip Hyman
Managing Director of Fleet Driver Solutions Ltd
After trying out the software it was apparent that it did give the results promised, very efficient and precise search filter which saves hours of data mining. Great manual which covers everything and James is always available to help. Great benefit to be able to become an affiliate as I have already passed on the colleagues and will keep doing so.
Angela Spiteri
Regional Director at The Athena Network
I wanted to say I think your software has changed my life. First campaign and I’ve just had the most successful launch of a networking group ever. I’ve also done a pilot for someone else and that was massively successful. I’m over the moon!

I launched a new group and got 29 new people in the room. In fact the room wasn’t big enough and the hotel upgraded my room twice. Only 5 people who said they were coming didn’t turn up on the day.

There is also a waiting list of 20 more people who couldn’t make the first event, so I will be speaking to the hotel and asking them if we can have the huge room again.

I will be going mad and opening two more groups in September. It’s really amazing stuff. I would recommend the software 100%!

Rodger Scott
Director at Working Breakfast

Facilitas have used James’ email marketing robot for a few years now and it has become an integral part of our marketing & sales strategy. Within a week of using the system it had paid for its self, securing business worth well over 100x the investment. I would not hesitate to recommend James or the Marketing Robot to anyone.
Jay Dunbar
CEO at Facilitas Facilities Management

Hi James,
Wanted to let you know that I’ve used your technology within the past 4 days, I’ve generated 25 leads so far and have 4 proposals out to close! You have a great product, glad to be a customer!! 🙂
Julenne Elliot
Set Sells LLC

Here is an article featured on the BNI SuccessNet Blog, recognising our developer James Winsoar for bringing the most visitors to his business networking events using the Email Marketing Robot:

James Winsoar Wins “Most Visitors Award”Click here to read the full article

Just wanted to let you know how I am getting on with the software. It has now become my best marketing tool along with my SEO. I have been using the software for 3 months now for one of my businesses and have generated over 150 enquiries which have led on to over 40 converted jobs with many more in the pipeline. My only regret is not having found you sooner. I also must mention the service and support element which has been fantastic.

My message to anyone that markets their business in the B2B sector is that this software is a must for your business.

Thank you James and the team at Email Marketing Robot.

Steven Brooks
Lime Web Design

James and his team have solved a major pain point for me by developing this amazing program.

I’ve spent hours and hours of hard labor doing exactly what “RAM” has been able to accomplish in just minutes. Systematically scraping the web, collecting the proper data and sending a professionally crafted email on the fly has increased my productivity 10 fold and I couldn’t be happier.

In addition to increasing my productivity “RAM” has allowed us to take advantage of several different revenue streams that are now available due to this programs abilities. I’m excited and thankful that someone saw the potential of such an amazing program.

Thanks James! I couldn’t be happier with my new buddy. “RAM” Rocks!

Jim Coffey
Byto SEO
I made contact with James with regards to the EMR and having only had it a few days am able to send this testimonial with great happiness.

I picked my target market for my email and the areas i would like it to go to, and BOOM, easy as that it was on its way..

Within 12 hours i had 4 leads.. definite concrete leads, within 24 hours i had 13 leads and they keep coming in, i am passed 25 now!

Absolutely amazingly designed bit of marketing software, that i am already recommending to friends and my network..

Thanks James for an amazing product and service.

Daniel Murphy
Daniel's Locksmiths

We are delighted that More Money Review have done a full review of our software in their March 2015 issue:


Click here to download PDF copy.

When I first heard about the Robot, the concept seemed interesting but I was sceptical of the value.

I decided to give it a go and in the first month alone, the Robot generated four warm enquiries for us.

I haven’t looked back since.

Paul Clarke
Portsmouth Marketing
I spend a significant amount of money on internet marketing but wanted to also diversify, and promote Credencis through email marketing.

I was recommended to James Winsoar at Email Marketing Robot.

Over the last couple of years the software has brought me appointments with many businesses with my conversion rate to fees invoiced being around 80%.

I would recommend the software to any business looking to start b2b marketing. It’s so easy, all at the click of a button!

Brian Flindall
I have been using the Email Marketing Robot for a few months now and I’m delighted with the results it’s produced. It has brought in several quality leads that have turned into business.

In my opinion the Email Marketing Robot is a ‘must have’ marketing tool as it can seek out and contact targeted prospects automatically. This means the hard work is done for you and all you need to do is follow up.

I would definitely recommend the Email Marketing Robot.

Len Foster
Professional Speaker and Business Networker
We have been using the Email Marketing Robot for just a couple of weeks, and are delighted to say that it has brought in three high quality leads already that we are following up on.The Email Marketing Robot is an excellent addition to your marketing team as it can contact prospects automatically, bringing in additional warmed up leads, and sales to your business.
Paul Miller
Owner of the Inspection Manager
I like James from the moment he was first introduced to me because I had a sharp awareness of marketing. He told me about his prospecting erobot and once I understood what it did and I was satisfied that it’s correct use would attract strangers to become partners or prospects I was sold.

I became even more convinced after using the prospect marketing system on many occasions, especially when it comes to inviting business people to meetings and others to connect. Recommend.

Paul Clegg
Owner of Seven Touch Marketing Systems
The Marketing Robot is a “Chirpy Little Fella”
Never complains and is is a hard worker.
He works day and night on your behalf and never asks for a pay rise.
He gets some good results and pays his way well.
I would recommend him.
Paul Rolling
Director at RVS Group Ltd