Information for Webmasters

banner-3If you are seeing this page, chances are your website was “spidered” by the Email Marketing Robot software recently.

You’re seeing tiny “footprints” left by our Robot that may have been left in your server logs.

The following information explains what visited your website, and why it visited:

What is the “Email Marketing Robot”?

The Email Marketing Robot is a unique B2B email marketing platform used by business-to-business marketers possessing the following features:

  • Business Discovery Engine
    Automates the process of finding local businesses using up-to-date public sources.
  • Advanced Data Mining
    Finds contact email and telephone numbers of local businesses.
  • Automated Drip Marketing
    Mimics human behaviour by sending personalised marketing messages at a delivery rate set by each user.

How the Email Marketing Robot IDs Itself:

Previously to July 2015, the software was identifiable by the software name appearing in the user-agent string, however recently we found that this caused conflicts with several major web hosting providers.

Since July 2015, the Email Marketing Robot now uses a common web browser identification to maximise compatibility with modern web servers.

The IP address of the server requests identifies the customers computer that the software is running on that visited your website.

How We Are Protecting You

The Email Marketing Robot is designed to limit the queries it makes to web servers. It is designed not to download pictures, videos, or other media other than HTML web pages. This makes requests very light-weight.

The Robot downloads only a limited number of pages to look for contact details. The software is designed this way to avoid any excessive drain on server resources.

Where a contact page is found in the primary navigation, only two requests are sent to your server. This means that the software needs only very brief visits to each web site.

We have built in anti-spam measures to ensure that the Email Marketing Robot only contacts each domain name once by default, therefore eliminating further unwanted communication.

Your business contact details will never be added to any mailing list or auto-responder system unless you reply expressing a positive interest (opt-in) – ie. by replying to the email and asking for further information, or by calling and asking for more details.

Please see EULA for full terms and conditions of use.


Email Marketing Robot SoftwareLearn More About The Email Marketing Robot!

The Email Marketing Robot is perfect for all business to business marketing.

When used correctly, the Email Marketing Robot enables small businesses to alert their target market to products, and services that may be of interest to them.

Many business to business marketers are using our software to automate some of the more repetitive tasks involved in marketing a business.

The Email Marketing Robot provides a cost-effective and efficient way to generate new sales leads, without having to spend time cold calling by telephone, or door-knocking.

The Robot is very precise when it comes to targeting businesses – both by business type/classification, and geographic location.

The accuracy of the business discovery engine makes the software ideal for local business marketing.

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